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Disposable Face Masks Underwear Bra

This year, make a splash with this scantily clad coronavirus mask costume. This revealing costume consists of a top made from a couple of medical facemasks that are available in one of four colors – blue, orange, red, and green.


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Odyssey 800 Eight Person Family Tent

The Odyssey 800 eight-person family tent will make you and the entire clan feel just like you’re at home. This ginormous tent comes with three separate sleeping areas in addition to a large common area where the entire family can hang out in.


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The NoPhone Air

Cure your smartphone addiction by upgrading your expensive phone to the NoPhone Air. This cost-efficient model comes with an impressive 0 GB storage capacity and an impossibly thin, lightweight design that makes it feel as though you’re not even holding a phone!


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The Poop Knife

Dropping dookies will never be the same once the Poop Knife enters your life. This metal reinforced and silicone wrapped heaven-sent will efficiently chop the pesky sewer snakes that need a little extra help on their way down.


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Big Book Of Breasts 3D

With the Big Book of Breasts 3D you’ll be able to stare at dozens of humongous home-grown mammary glands without getting slapped or called a pervert. It’s page after page of “artistic” poses and pictures displaying glorious breasts in jaw dropping 3D.


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Pre-Fabricated Shipping Container Home

You can now buy a home on Amazon! These extremely affordable pre-fabricated shipping container homes offer all the comforts of a stationary home like running water, a fully functional bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette, and a cozy living room.


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Hi-Lighter Pipes

Enjoy a quick smoke break during a marathon study session by discreetly toking on these Hi-Lighter pipes. This novelty design conceals a sturdy metal pipe within a functioning marker to minimize your risk of getting caught by teachers and faculty.


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USB Kill Stick

Now you can own a USB stick that destroys anything in its path. Once you plug in this weaponized USB kill stick, it will rapidly charge its capacitors from the USB power supply and then discharge it, permanently disabling any unprotected equipment.


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Color Changing Light Panels

Transform any room in your home on command by installing these amazing color changing light panels. The base station can serve as the hub for up to 1,000 touch sensitive panels whose color can be changed with a simple tap – allowing for endless color schemes.


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Shitty Movie Prop Replicas

Make yourself indistinguishable from the real Thanos by topping off your suit with this shitty movie prop Infinity Gauntlet replica. This 1:1 scale replica features a latex, rubber, and plastic design for ultimate mobility and comes accented with 6 colorful Infinity Stones.


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Nuclear Explosion Lamp

Bring a warm apocalyptic glow to your home by lighting the room with this eye-popping nuclear explosion lamp. Incredibly styled to look like a nuclear explosion, this pint-sized mushroom cloud lets off a warm amber glow perfect for creating an inviting environment.


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Ballistic Dart Launcher

Whether you want to hone your aim or are looking for a handy self-defense weapon, this ballistic dart launcher is just what you want. It is crafted from a solid piece of 440C stainless steel and is capable of quickly and quietly firing the slim darts as far away as thirty feet.


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Face Masks For Idiots

Don’t succumb to the tyranny of being considerate to your fellow man – now you can wear these freedom-loving, virus-spreading, science-denying mesh net face masks and show the world that you won’t comply with common sense! This is America!


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Modern Glass Cereal Bowl

The modern glass cereal bowl gives you a first row seat to witness your crunchy cereal become a soggy mush. This glass bowl is dishwasher safe and sports a minimalistic design that is perfect for adding a modern touch to your kitchenware.


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The Cheese Printer

The cheese printer is the useful gadget that makes adding a nutritious component to fond memories as easy as one-two-brie! Now you’ll be able to conveniently transfer any digital image on your smartphone directly to a savory slice of your favorite cheese.


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